Let’s take your oil heating system out of your house and introduce to you heat pump system.

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Oil Heating System

Oil heating system warm air through vents, hot water through baseboards, or water vapor steam through radiators. Oil heating system uses flue pipe to take carbon dioxide out of your home. There is always a risk for carbon dioxide leaking into your home, and boiler uses a circulatory pump to circulate hot water to your home and that have a risk to leak water in your home. It could cost you thousands of dollars to fix the damage and there are risks for leaking oil from oil line or oil tank which will cost you thousands of dollars cleaning up. Oil heating system is dirty and cost more money to run. Oil prices are going higher every year. Unless, I introduced to you heat pump system that is safe to run and it will save you money.

Heat Pump System

The Heat Pump System works exactly like your air condition system. In heating mode reverse the refrigerant flow, using reversing valve. Transfer heat from a cool space to a warm space by transferring thermal energy using a refrigeration cycle. Some heat pump system cannot keep up if the outside temperature is 15° below. It needs a secondary source of heat. It is called electric heat strips. Electric heat strip works as a back-up heat for the heat pump system or some cases work for emergency hit. Every couple of hours heat pump system goes to defrost mode for 5 to 10 minutes and electrical hit it strips will energize and provide heat for your house. Some heat pump system work lower than 15° outside temperatures, but it will cost you more money in the beginning, and it will help you to save money long period of time. If you need more information about the heat punch system, please call us or email us with your question. Long Island Heating And Cooling we always here to serve you.

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