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Benefits of a Humidifiers.

A gas furnace makes your home feel warmer during the winter season but can also dry out the indoor air. Dry air can cause bleeding nose, itchy skin, trigger allergy or asthma symptoms, itchy eyes, scratchy or dry throat, cracked lips, loosen congestion, alleviate snoring and make you more vulnerable to getting sick. humidity level should be between 40% and 60%. When humidity levels drop below 40%, getting the recommended amount of sleep can be challenging. We highly recommend installing humidifiers for all gas furnishing applications. We do not recommend our customer to put more than 74F temperature on the thermostat.

Humidifier is a device that is designed to add moisture to the air into your heating system.
humidifier consists of a water tank with controls, emitting water vapor or steam into the air when needed. Increasing the moisture in the air can help reduce the spread of viruses and promote other potential health benefits. warm air supply duct or in most cases the cold air return duct near the furnace. Each humidifier is different, and your HVAC professional will be able to draw out a template of the duct system. EPA recommends that you keep indoor humidity in the range of 30 to 50 percent. A humidifier comes with the filter. They need to be replaced every year. There are 3different types of humidifiers that work with your gas furnace 1) steam humidifiers, 2) bypass humidifiers, 3) fan humidifiers.

1) Steam humidifiers are boiling water to create steam, when you turn on your heating system furnace and humidifier circulating air and steam mixed into your ventilation ductwork. Steam humidifiers are usually more expensive and use constant sources of electricity to produce steam. Steam humidifiers use canisters they need to change every year. They are great for larger homes.

2) bypass humidifier uses heated airflow from your furnace to absorb moisture from a pad evaporates inside the humidifier and distributes the humidified air throughout your home. Pad evaporates need to be changed every year. A bypass modifier is less expensive than a steam humidifier and it is great for small homes.

3) fan humidifier uses its own fan to draw air into the humidifier where it absorbs moisture. It works exactly like a Bypass humidifier. The only difference is the fan.

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