Central air conditioner 

Let’s go to know about it.

Let’s start with a very simple approach to understanding the functioning of an air conditioner system. Air conditioners have 4 main components to understand how your air condition works, Thermostat, Condenser, Evaporator coil, and blower. When the thermostat is set on cool thermostat gives 24 V power to the condenser and at the same time gives power to blower. The blower begins circulating air throughout the house. Temperature air is pulled in through the return duct and passes through the filter to remove particulates, The heat from the air is absorbed into the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil dispersing through the supply duct as the air passes over the coil the refrigerant is boil and evaporate coil During this process, condensation forms on the outside of the coil and exit through a condensate drain line. refrigerant enters the condenser as a low-pressure, superheated gas. The refrigerant returns to the condenser to disperse the collected heat outdoors, and the cycle starts again.

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